Shirt Guide

Our shirts are handmade from start to finish using the best fabrics. We focus on the high level of attention to detail and can accommodate any special requests that you may have. Nothing will beat the comfort and fit of a bespoke shirt.

Unless you let us know otherwise, the standard features of our shirts are the following:

1. The cut. We offer the classic traditional cut.

2. Sleeve. We offer long sleeve shirt style as standard.

3. Number of buttons. We offer standard seven buttons (this excludes buttons on the cuffs).

4. Placement of the second button. This placement is slightly towards the top button to give an appropriate exposure when unbuttoned.

5. Sewing. The sewing is all done by hand-worked sewing machines.

6. Fabric shrinkage. There is no need to worry about fabric shrinkage as we will perform steaming session to shrink the fabric prior to starting our shirt-making process.

7. Quality control. Checks and re-checks at every step by Khun Vinai: cuts, stitches, shape, buttonholes, collar shape, cuffs, everything.

8. The finished product. One ready, your shirt will be folded, packaged and mailed to you.


9. Collar
Our Collars are fused to provide the right level of firmness and thickness. We offer three classic styles.

10. Collar Stays Pockets
We provide discreet pockets for insertion of collar stays that can be removed for washing and ironing. The collar stays themselves, made in sterling silver, are available for purchase here.

11. Yokes
We make our yokes from a separate piece of fabric to ensure the right fit and ease of movement.

12. Shirt front plackets
Shirt front plackets. Our shirt fronts are perfectly balanced with the 1.25 inch placket constructed from the actual body of the shirt.

13. Buttons
All buttons are flat mother-of-pearl and are are attached with crossed lock stitching to prevent them becoming detached.

14. Buttonholes
Our shirt buttonholes are beautifully hand-sewn and is very fine and thin. Sewers will undergo six months of apprenticeship before being allowed to make buttonholes.

15. Gauntlet
The gauntlets are properly reinforced and we typically add a small button at the mid-point of the gauntlet.

16. Cuffs
As a standard we offer a double cuff (French cuff) for use with cufflinks and the classic one/two button cuff. Buttonholes of the double cuff are placed slightly nearer the end of the cuff for more cufflink exposure when worn under a jacket. All cuff types are joined to the sleeves by the conventional two-pleat style.

17. Shirt tail
Shirt tail is extra long to avoid the shirt coming out during movement.

18. Gusset
We do not add gusset to side seams as we do not believe in its additional functional value.

19. Stitching and seams
We employ a method of joining side seams and sewing shirt tails in one operation, with a neat second row of stitches adding to the strength. All stitching is single needle and is executed at 18-20 stitches to the inch.

20. Symmetry
Stripe and check patterns will be matched to give symmetry at various points of the shirt: the collar, cuff, placket, breast pocket, yoke and gauntlet area.

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